Wondering how we list square footage for finished basements in our MLS?

You may include the lower level sq. ft. in the total sq. ft. field for a property only if the following apply:

1. The house is a split level (i.e. tri-level, quad-level etc.) and the lower level is finished in the same quality as the rest of the house.

2. All exterior walls of the lower level must be more than five (5) feet above ground and the lower level is finished in the same quality as the rest of the house.

Lower level sq. ft. may not be included in the total sq. ft. if the lower level is a basement. This includes walkout lower levels and if any of the exterior walls are more than five (5) feet below ground.


  1. Steven says

    Dont tell us basements when walk-outs or not are not inhabitable! When we looked a number of homes the Master Bedrooms with luxious Master Baths are even in the Lower Level that is partly unearthed and partly not. And maybe every body should be living underground in the first place like cavemen because it is more environmentally friendly. What better insulation for the ground around part or all of a lower level. So your saying those fancy structures that are homes built purposely into the earth to benefit from its natural insulation ablities is un-inhabitable and it may even have a green space as it roof as is being done in more and more tall buildings since they are the SCAR on the land not the lawn but the concrete structure. I have been in Brand New homes with Full basements finished out to the max which felt even THEN like a Basement with their supposed egress windows more than our walk-out built for much less and with a better foundation since the walls were poured concrete not concrete blocks. But thanks for taxing it much less but it is us who are smart not others. Oh and who is a safer structure? a 4 story house perched high on a hill or a house that is lived in partilally underground and not damp but live-able. when a Tornado or Lightening strikes if neither is in a flood plain.
    And if they were in a flood plain the low one would stay probably put but the 4 story may float away down river or the stream like a raft.
    And if Half of the lower level is less than 5 feet underground and has a window/door to get out of the structure and has daylight then it should be at least 1/2 of that lower level could be and would be inhabitable Thank you for your time.

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