Are the car fanatics in Miami more serious than ours here in the Motor City?

Miami car enthusiasts will soon have high end “Car Condos” as an option for storing their prized car collections. How could they beat us out in Motor City for the honors of luxury garages with private baths and high end interiors? Yes, we have Paul Piscopo’s Monster Garage in Troy, but nothing like this yet. Will Dmitry and I someday be listing car condos along with residential homes and traditional condos?

Motor Authority » Buy a condo for your car

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    A car condo. Maybe I should buy one and move all the crap in my garage into it. Then I could park in my own garage….

    $140 grand to park seems pretty steep. But car lovers, those that think they need to make a statement and people with too much money are going to snap these things up.

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