Birmingham Home Sold in 6 Days

Birmingham Michigan Real estateTo those of our readers from places other than SE Michigan, that title is very ho-hum. “So what?”, you ask. But readers nearby know that half million dollar homes in SE Michigan have usually experienced much longer market times in 2006.

I’ve held off announcing this sale since it went under contract in October. No postcards to the neighbors even. I’m superstitious, even though I knew the buyers were well qualified and excited about their purchase. I preferred to make it through closing. That happened this week, and I think both the buyers and the sellers are thrilled.

So what is that I want people to take away from this? Things I have said before. A good Realtor can help you price your home for the current market conditions. It’s an art, not a science. The more houses I see and sell the better I get at it. With the market conditions that sellers face today in SE Michigan, it is all the more important that you have an agent who really can take a careful look at the market to help position you to beat the many sellers you compete against.

6 days really is a big thing in the Birmingham Michigan market today. I’m thrilled for the sellers, who have moved on to a home on a lake, and to the buyers who have a great new home to call their own. 700 Emmons is no longer available, but if you are looking to make a move, please contact us.

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