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ar117054720867863.jpgTwo of my favorite bloggers have just joined forces to create Sound Bite Blog. Catchy name, huh?

Mark Flanders is a mortgage guy and Rich Jacobson is a Realtor, and they live and work on the Kitsap Peninsula which is near Seattle. I’ve been reading them for months on another platform and they’ve introduced me to an incredibly beautiful part of the country. Even though I am not moving that way any time soon, I really enjoy reading Mark and Rich. One day I will join them for a day of crabbing on the Hood Canal.

Rich and Mark have one of the coolest looking real estate blogs out there, and their content keeps up with the design. I really do have blog envy. As Buckwheat and Sparky (Rich and Mark) would say: “Bite Me!”

Take a look. I think you will be enjoy your visit.

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    Maureen, you are just too sweet. Thanks for the recognition. It couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s gray and gloomy in WA and I had let my thoughts drift in the same direction. This perked me right up.

    Mark (Buckwheat)

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