Birmingham – Bloomfield Hills: The Luxury Home Buyers Are Back

Here is my anecdotal market report for Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills. The big money buyers seem to be back, and they have been out shopping since the first of the year. We are happy to see them! They’ve been laying low for the last twelve months, but it appears that they are tired of waiting. In the last 60 days, 35 homes priced over $1,000,000 have sold in in Oakland County. I am proud to say that SKBK Sotheby’s was involved in two of the 3 highest priced transactions, which were both priced at $3,500,000.

A Bloomfield Hills home on Martell was on the market for only 41 days before it went under contract. The list price – $3,700,000.

We also continue to notice that the luxury homes throughout Oakland County tend to be marketed and sold by Birmingham based real estate agencies.

We’ve said before, we are seeing a big up tick in showings, inquiries and web traffic since January 1. Its looking like the buyers are ready to commit.

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    I believe the “anecdotal market reports” are often a better market gauge than pure statistics. Statistics are great to report on what happened in the past but the anecdotal stuff is a better view of what’s happening now.

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    We have had a great pick up in showings as well. THe weather has been nicer too, which always helps. Buyers ARE ready to commit. WHoo Hoo!
    Also, I did not know that you serviced Troy. A dear friend of mine almost moved there (her fam. is there) but chose Indiana instead (huh?!?). I would wage a good bet that she will head back up to Troy eventually. I will pass on your info if/when she does. :o)

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    Good report! Buyers are not only looking in San Diego County, they are committing. News reporters and bubbleheads should be looking at pending data instead of closed sales.

    The results might startle them.


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