The Best Corned Beef in Oakland County

Corned Beef by RobobbyPeople end up on my blog for funny reasons. Someone landed here today because they Googled “Who has the best corned beef in Oakland County.” Well, I don’t remember ever writing much about corned beef here before, but the question is a good one. And, fortunately for that reader, I have the answer!

I would love to find a better corned beef sandwich than I enjoy at the Bread Basket Deli in Oak Park, but I am not sure that it exists, except maybe in heaven. Really, their corned beef is sublime, and so is the crusty rye bread they serve it up on. I don’t think I’ve often strayed beyond the #17 1/2 which comes with Russian dressing, swiss cheese and coleslaw. The sandwiches are huge–enough for two meals. There is always a line, so plan on a wait. The atmosphere is pure, authentic diner with no pretenses of being anything else.

I have to tell you a funny story about the Bread Basket. I was a long time vegetarian. For something like 15 years. But when I got pregnant I had gestational diabetes so I needed to eat more protein for the baby. Soon after learning about the diabetes we jumped in the car and headed to the Bread Basket. My nephew was in shock. He had never seen me eat meat. He ran home and told my mother, “Aunt Maureen ATE CORNED BEEF.” What a fine way to come back over to the land of the carnivores. Now I can’t imagine giving up the chance to have a meal at the Bread Basket.

If you have a favorite corned beef place in Oakland County, let me know about it. I would like to see how it stacks up. If I think it’s better, your next meal there is on me.
Bread Basket Deli

26052 Greenfield Rd
Oak Park, MI 48237-1050View Map

Photo by Roboppy

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  1. says

    That is so funny. I got a tip on where the best corned beef in Columbus is in my email yesterday. I will have to put it on Columbus Best Blog for sure.

    And I will have to try to see if I can find The Bread Basket Deli when I am in Michigan. The problem with a corned beef sandwich for me is the bread but I can eat the innards.

  2. says

    MM, they must think because we have Irish names we are authorities on Corned Beef.

    I could write a post just about every day about people’s search terms and how they end up on this blog.

  3. says

    Alright, while it may be in Washtenaw County, Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor is hands down the best deli west of New York City. Their corned beef sounds similar to what you are getting at the Bread Basket Deli. However the ambience is out of this world with grad students, post docs and business folks blowing in and out of the restaurant.

    Maybe I need to rename Ann Arbor Heaven….

  4. says

    Todd, I do have a love for all things Zingerman’s. Their corned beef is a delight. Maybe you and I should meet half-way some day and do a side by side taste test so we can settle this one?

  5. says

    Isn’t it amazing how people find you? Looking for corned beef.

    I don’t know if I’d know corned beef in a blind test…that’s how clueless I am. But I can tell the difference between red salmon and king salmon…wild only of course.

  6. says

    Being raised in a big Italian family, corned beef was never on the menu. In fact, I never even tried it until I was married and moved to Connecticut and heard about New England Boiled Dinner aka corned beef and cabbage. It is now a regular along with Reuben Sandwiches.

  7. says

    These commments are making me hungry… I won’t last until St. Pat’s to have corned beef….It is not something I eat often, probably usually on March 17 whether I need to or not.

  8. says

    Um, Sy, your web site says that your deli is having its grand opening a month from now. Yet it says you have award winning corned beef. How does a place that has not opened win awards? BTW, I would be happy to try it out. If I think it is better than Bread Basket, I will put the word out.

  9. says

    I seek out delis and restaurants serving corned beef sandwiches. For my money, the Bronx Deli in Pontiac wins hands down, although Al’s Famous Deli in Royal Oak is a close second. The Main Street Deli in Rochester offers a good sandwich but the portion is disappointingly small. Pudge’s Place in Troy is not bad: large sandwich and great home-cooked chips.

  10. Carey Daniels says

    For long I have been a bread basket customer. That was until I discovered yum Yums in Detroit. I always thought corned beef could be more tender, and eating there I discovered I was right. It is tender and juicy and not overly salty. I know its not in oakland county, but its worth the trip. It is just carry out though.

  11. Lisa Ramsey says

    I remember reading this blog a while back and wanting to try Yum Yums. But I didn’t have the guts to go to schaefer in Detroit… But I was driving down 9 mile in Farmington hills and saw a Yum Yums! They’ve just opened up. I tried the cornbeef and…wow you were right! It wasn’t a ton of people in there so the word hasn’t got out obviously. But trust me it will. Thanks for the tip!

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