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I had never heard of this Detroit theater turned into a parking garage until I was watching Eminem’s 8 Mile a few years ago.  Clearly it was a beautiful place in its prime.

Lowell Boileau has a poignant  photo of the theater for sale on  Lowell describes the theater:

…this was also the site of Henry Ford’s first workshop. The wealth created by Ford’s genius put America on wheels and caused the city of Detroit to explode in size over night and a skyscraper with a 4000 seat movie theater to supplant Ford’s humble shop. As time passed and suburban theaters with free parking emerged, the Michigan Theater with its lack of parking failed and the commercial viability of the Michigan Building was similarly threatened. The solution was to turn the theater into a parking lot.

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    I find this sad too. I don’t know if I would call it progress. Unfortunately, there are many more formerly beautiful buildings like this in the city.

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    It looks like it once was fantastically elegant. I can’t imagine. If it’s for sale are they selling it as a parking lot or possibly for restoration?

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