The building of Birmingham MI

Trulia recently rolled out another cool tool called Trulia Hindsight. Hindsight is an animated map of homes in the United States. The animations use the year the properties were built to show the growth of streets, neighborhoods and cities over time. It really provides an excellent visual presentation of the evolution of a community.

Trulia DetroitFor their rollout, Trulia highlighted 7 cities, and my curiosity was, of course, piqued by “Urban Decline in Detroit.” The other cities that Trulia chose to feature have experienced growth. As I wrote on the Hindsight blog, I am disappointed that Trulia chose Detroit to show off “Urban Decline.” Some areas of the city are experiencing a phenomenal redevelopment rate, and a real estate boom, but not the neighborhood Trulia selected. I don’t really think that Trulia needed to take a stab at the city to launch its new product.

I did have fun moving the map around to land on the development of Birmingham. It might take a while to load the pictures, but I promise it is worth a minute or two of your time. It’s very cool to watch when neighborhoods like Quarton Lake Estates, Midvale, the Rail District and Little San Francisco were built and to see the most recent ‘tear down’ boom throughout the city. If you do not see your area, just drag the map around until you do.

Addition:  I zoomed out on the map, and put the City of Detroit down at the right side of the screen.  This view very vividly demonstrates the “suburbanization” of Metro Detroit.

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