Real Estate Blogs in other places

We try to keep up on real estate trends lots of places, not just here in Metro Detroit. Here are a few of the blogs (there are more) that we like to track:

Greg Swann of Bloodhound Blog maintains a long list of active real estate blogs if you don’t find what you are looking for on my blogroll (over on the right side of the page—>>)


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    Well thanks Mo! And any and every time we want to get the scoop on Detroit, the “other” Beverly Hills, or Michigan in general, well… there’s only one stop needed! You rock!

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    Sadie says thanks so much! She’s honored to be included in your fine list.
    Have a wonderful week!
    type by Toby, under the watchful stare of Sadie.

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    Thanks for the mention.

    I was in Dearborn, Ferndale, Troy, and probably a lot of other Detroit suburbs this weekend but I did not make it to Birmingham, Royal Oak or Beverly Hills…

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    Thanks for sharing the list. I already enjoy reading several of these blogs too including st paul, phoenix and ukraine. I also found a couple in this list I have never seen before but look interesting.

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