Maureen Francis

Yes, a rather self absorbed sounding title for this post, but this post is only a little about ME. There is another Maureen Francis. Well, there is more than one other Maureen Francis, but on the internet when you Google “Maureen Francis” you get either the opera singer, a medical doctor or the Realtor (me) on page one. The opera singer and I have flipped back and forth for the number one spot, but I think she hit the high note (yes that was my attempt at a little music pun, as Maureen is a soprano) when she set up I am the proud owner of, but that just points to one of my other real estate sites. It never occurred to me that I should have tied up all of the MaureenFrancis domains, but then, I bet she is glad that I did not.

Today, Google alerted me about the web site. I headed over, and was glad to find that nobody was messing with me. I noticed a little bug in it and dropped a line to the other Maureen Francis. Maureen and I exchanged a few emails today and I learned that we share the same initials and both have other family members named Maureen. We both agreed it was jarring to see new messages in our in boxes from Maureen Francis. Kinda funny.

I am proud to share my names with such accomplished women. A doctor and an opera singer. I could have done much worse than that.  The few, the proud, the Maureens.

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    I really have no idea why I typed all of that. I seldom know why I do anything 😉

    But I did get a kick out of corresponding with another Maureen Francis.

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    Opera schmopera, there is only ONE Maureen Francis!

    However it appears to be some sort of prerequisite that to be a Maureen Francis ya gotta be a hottie… Well, 2 out of 3 — the doc isn’t a hottie by any stretch….

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    I share my name with country western singer Linda Davis. Unfortunately, she has had the domain since 1998, just a few months before I thought to secure that domain for myself.

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    I cannot believe that Jay went out there and Googgled you to see the other MF’s! That is hilarious!
    Ines Hegedus-Garcia….only one……but if you want to laugh a little, Google “Enrique Garcia”…..poor guy!

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    I’ve Googled worse Ines… :)

    I really wish Jason would lay off the spammy comments. I see them EVERYWHERE…. makes one question the whole company….

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