Homage to Athol. I am laughing at this MLS picture.

Realtor Athol Kay runs an amusing series of bad MLS photos from across the country on his blog.  By all rights, I should send him this photo and let him share it with his wide audience of readers who tune in just for the latest in bad MLS photography.  I do hope I am not stepping on toes by posting it here on my own gentle blog.  Actually this one is from Craigslist, but I am betting that the same picture is in the MLS.  This is a Birmingham MI home listed well above the half million price point.  The listing broker’s identity will not be revealed, but I assure you it is not an SKBK Sotheby’s listing.

Personally, I wonder how one keeps water in a vertical bathtub?  Gravity is such a downer.

vertical bathtub


  1. says

    Hi Maureen, thats a great photo. :-)

    Obivously I don’t own the concept of a post that says “look at this crappy MLS photo”, anyone can have at that. I’ll just claim I’ve done it longest and best.

    My only issue is if people use my post title as their post title.

    Anyways, I’m getting homaged and linked, so….

    … this pleases me.


  2. says

    Yep, I English much better.

    Oh, for an edit button on every blog’s comments. Not really a good idea, but I wish I had one right now. In the comment above, I meant to type; “Could THIS *be* the new granite counter top?”

    Hope you guys are enjoying the long weekend.

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