Kate Can’t Find A House

I’ve spent more time than I care to admit this morning reading a juicy blog about Kate in LA and her search for a home. From what I gather, Kate is a lawyer, and she and her boyfriend, whose identity she protects by calling him “E” so that he does not become an instant internet celebrity, have been on a frustrating search for a suitable home for quite some time.

Kate is a sophisticated buyer. She is scouring listings, knows prices per square foot better than I do, and seems to be reading lots of sites and blogs looking for more information. In one of her recent posts she picked on me and my recent Staging Your Refrigerator blog as she thought that was rather trivial advice for a seller in Michigan’s challenging real estate market.

IF that were all I had to say on how to sell a Michigan home right now, I would agree. But I have a large archive of information written especially for the Michigan home seller, and I have some of my better advice (in my not so humble opinion) stashed away in Dear Mr and Mrs Seller. Kate did not have a chance to delve deeper into my blog to see those things, which is OK.

I’ve rather enjoyed reading Kate’s blog, particularly because I learn something by hearing a consumer’s perspective on this industry. Kate dissects MLS listings, and when the listing agent does a down right cruddy job at presenting a home, Kate is quick to point it out. Rightfully so. I’ve wished that I could do that with listings I run across here, but I don’t think that would go over so well from a fellow Realtor. Yet agents seem to know that Kate has highlighted them, and it seems that they go and update their listings after Kate’s not so gentle prod. Not that Kate should even have to prod these professionals…

So, go take a look at Kate’s Fifth of May Blog and be glad you are not living her search for a home. Kate, it is MUCH easier to be a home buyer in Michigan right now. I could offer you LOTS of great choices in your price range. As a bonus updated kitchens here do not have 6″ ceramic tile countertops in the $800K range.

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