A Realtor’s Job From the Eyes of a Four Year Old

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Our daughter, Katya, was born into a family where both of her parents work together as Realtors. As such, she has no idea what it is like to have parents with “normal jobs”, where they stop working when they get home for the day, don’t answer business calls after 6, have weekends that consist of family time; all have dinner together, and other things that the rest of the world does that we don’t.

She likes driving by the homes that we have been entrusted to market and she has been known to tell her grandmother with pride, “That’s my mother’s listing.” She has told me exactly what it will be like when we move, after our house gets “old.” Clearly she does not understand that we are not moving just because moving is going on around her all the time.

Since she was born, Katya has popped in and out of the office with us when we need to pick up papers or take care of something quickly. She is quite comfortable there, and our colleagues have been wonderfully tolerant.

Today Katya told me she loves the office. When our quick stop in was nearly foiled by the construction job in our parking lot, Katya burst into tears and suggested that we park in the nearby ramp. She remembers quite clearly that last week, after her birthday, she collected cash from generous people who gifted her with dollar bills to spend as she pleased. The money was spent that night on ice cream for her family. What’s not to like about a place that gives out money just for showing up, right? I think Katya might think that people will give her money every time she shows up.

Then there is her friend “Haack.” Kathy Haack has a treat drawer that Katya feels very comfortable opening even if Kathy is not there to offer. She knocks on Sara Lipnitz’s door hoping for a chat with Sara and some gum. Will Bev McCotter have a surprise for her? Does Mike Cotter have any cookies? Is Luca Leftwich (Kathryn’s pug) around for a little fun? Does Gloria have any crackers? Is Patty going to let her type or play with anything behind the desk? Will Candace Konen share something from her locked treat drawer?

On a good day, the answers to most of these questions is yes. It really just depends who is around.

I guess I can see why a four your old thinks that being a Realtor is a GREAT thing.

PS. That picture is not Katya.

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    I love this post Mo!

    Wondering what your thoughts would be if I shamelessly stole the idea and did a “A Realtor’s Job from the Eyes of a Teenager”? Would provide an interesting counter perspective I think. And of course I’d include appropriate link love…

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    MF I know exactly how you feel with 3 of my own but the youngest one will be more like your daughter since he is 2. I’ve taken him to open houses and showings since he was born and people, for the most part have been very receptive.

    As for the office, that’s a totally different thing. I’ve had several managers since starting in real estate, some very receptive to children popping in once in a while and others not. Lately, he does not come with us much unless totally necessary ( that may change after the terrible 2’s are over)

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    Katya called me to ask if I would hire her to replace my old assistant. She’s a tough negotiator! I think I agreed to pay for her college education.

    😉 Lipnitz

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    Katya’s behavior is not always the best. It’s stressful for me. She is getting better, but…

    Lippy, Katya would be happy to be your assistant. She likes your colored pens, monkey lamp and the fru fru dried fruit bowl. She would be delighted to take her scissors to your color flyers if you need any shapes cut out of them. She has some amazing skills in addition to negotiating. That kid has been cutting deals since she exited the womb, so her destiny is sealed.

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    OH no! Keep the scissors away! Katya will be giving Sara a new do! :) I remember when my Zack was 3 or 4, he was at an open house with his Dad. Some folks walked in while Dad was busy, so Zack took them by the hand and showed them around the house. “This is the living room, this is the kitchen…”

    The couple actually ended up buying the house! Use the cutest of the kid to her best advantage, put her to work doing opens!

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    We tie a rope around the waist of my 8 year old, and lower her into septic tanks with a flashlight. She’s pretty good at spotting cracks now. Saves my clients a bunch on inspections.

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    Athol’s suggestion is most excellent. Problem is, we don’t have that many septic tanks here in Denver. I do think the rope part has some merit, kids love flashlights, so there is a certain fun trade-off for the child labor.

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    Not enough septics here to keep Katya busy. I will have to think of other ways to utilize her. She would love doing attic inspections since she could use a ladder and a flashlight!


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