A Zealous miOaklandCounty.com Reader




Nope, it is not Dmitry. Just another fan crazy about the real estate information he finds on miOaklandCounty.com.

OK. I am funnin’. Just found a new Facebook application that creates these nifty images. If you are on Facebook, look me up!


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    That was something I noetcid as well. I bet Medvedev would have had a more muted speech if McCain had won!I think the best thing about an Obama presidency is that he will(hopefully) leave Russia alone and not seek to antagonise them.Russia is the sole sane white nation left on this Earth. From now on we must look to the east for hope, the west is now ruled by the Marxist Mulatto. America’s time has passed, Obama’s rise to power is symbolic of America’s fading relevance. Russia knows this and is using his rise to power to test what remains of America’s resolve.In 2012, America will be visibly less powerful, Russia will be visibly more powerful, perhaps the Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan will have been reintegrated into the Motherland?This is a momentus time, but not the way the Obamaniacs beleive it to be, it marks the ending of America.

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