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An Au-So-Naturale prospective client for Larry Cragun?


Larry Cragun has just launched the Neighborhoods Undressed blogging platform for Realtors. Coaching to be provided by Teresa Boardman. I think we have uncovered a great clothing optional Realtor client for him.

Good luck Larry and Kathleen.

We now return to our local programming. Clothing mandatory.

Photo by Mafleen

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  1. Funny Site… no that isn’t our dress. We just expose people to the great things about our neighborhoods. Lar

  2. Oh darn! Larry just ruined my vision. :(

  3. mine too KK! : )

  4. Maybe her area is like the South of France? Or, I see Pittsburgh, I see France, ……..

  5. Hmmm. The Mediterranean part of Tampa.

    “I see London, I see France, your Realtors not wearing underpants.”

  6. ““I see London, I see France, your Realtors not wearing underpants.””

    Ugh. Don’t give up your day job Mo… :)

  7. Gives a whole new meaning to market exposure, doesn’t it Jay?

  8. Maureen it wouldn’t work for us, Michigan and Ohio are too cold. And we always said Pittsburgh not London, must be a Cleveland thingy :-)

  9. Very cute Maureen, I feel so exposed.

  10. The bare naked truth is my wife and daughter and I are rolling on the floor laughing.

  11. T, do they say Pittsburgh or London in St. Paul when they are doing that little rhyme about the underpants? Inquiring minds need to know. I have never heard of that Pittsburgh version and I think it might say something about Cleveland.

  12. I see it now:

    Imagine the traffic that will get. Your alexa rank will rock, Larry.

  13. Looky here… mention taking your clothes off and there’s a party. I can only imagine the search engine results for Larry and Teresa’s new adventure.

  14. I will say that there are a lot of click through’s from Google. I guess as long as we keep the site G rated it is ok.

  15. LMAO…I just googled “Teresa Undressed” and I got Larry’s site, St Pauls Blog and a couple pages of the “Magic Journey” Bom chick wah wah…

  16. I just delete Jay. I don’t get those people. More of that stuff going on lately.

  17. Funny sign. Now I am going to be singing I see London, I see France all day. Thanks a lot Jay.


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