Uggh@! Beverly Hills First Christmas Tree Stand

Beverly Hills Christmas Tree

The leaves in Beverly Hills and Birmingham are still on the trees, so imagine my surprise when I found a Christmas Tree stand erected at the corner of Pierce and 14 Mile on October 23rd! After shopping at Costco last weekend, I knew that the retailers were ready to start the season. But live trees? I can’t imagine how someone would keep a live tree for at least 2 months without it turning into a serious fire hazard.

Frankly, I was disgusted. I confess to being a bit overwhelmed every year by the holidays. The thought that we are now starting major undertakings like tree decorating before Halloween causes me anxiety.

This morning, on my way to the office meeting, I stopped to talk to the 5 men mulling around on the sidewalk. I was tempted to ask them if they would be setting up in September next year, but I held my tongue.

It turns out the whole thing– ratty blue trailer, trees, light bulbs hanging from cords and the men in flannel –were in Beverly Hills for a 3 day stint to film a commercial for the Michigan lottery. What a relief. I have never felt any obligation to buy lottery tickets. I can’t say the same for Christmas trees or presents. I tried to pickup a first acting gig for my 4 year old daughter, but they declined. 4 year olds, even cute ones, can’t play Lotto.

The guys will be tearing down the set on Friday. If you want a free tree, stop by and tell them Maureen sent you.


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    Maureen ~ What a relief! I thought you were going to tell us the Christmas Tree lot was for real! I can’t imagine buying a tree this early in the year. It would be a FIRE hazard before Thanksgiving!

    Silly guys shoulda put the cute 4 year old in the movie. What’s wrong with them? Can’t recognize beauty and talent, that’s for sure!

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    Mid 90’s here in AZ and it is the end of October! Hard to think about Christmas when the a/c is still running all day. :-) I get a kick out of the stores with the Christmas decorations before Halloween!

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