Decorating Trap – TwodalDON’T!


In 2006 I wrote about my problem with my client with the Fish N’ Flush. There were people who loved the aquarium commode and others who were less than enchanted. Reactions were strong, but fortunately my dilemma was fictional.

Today’s offering is another real product that I would honestly recommend you remove from your home before you put it up for sale. If you want to share your loved one’s company in this very special way, good for you. I just feel that it might be a distraction to home seekers and that there might be potential buyers who are actually turned away just because of your toilet. The curiosity factor could draw people in, but in the end my verdict: Not worth the risk.

The Twodaloo is a home seller’s TwodalDON’T.


  1. says

    MF – you know I was getting a bad rap about toilets, but I think you win! between the fish-n-flush and this one… are now officially TOILET QUEEN!

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