Property Tax Assessment Time Again

Just a friendly reminder that if you are concerned about your latest tax assessment, NOW is the time to be working on an appeal. Each municipality has it’s own review board with scheduled dates for presenting your case for appeal.You will need to appear in person. You should be armed with comparable sales and your purchase agreement if it was a recent purchase.

This year I’ve seen some strange assessments of neighboring houses that were relatively comparable. In Birmingham I saw 2 similar homes, where one had a 7% increase in its assessment and the other had a 7% decrease. Neither had transacted recently and they are within a block of each other.

You have a narrow window of time to contest your assessment, so get cracking!

Also, I haven’t received my assessment notice from the Village of Beverly Hills/Southfield Township, Will have to make a call to them tomorrow. Be proactive!

2007-09-02, Photo by


  1. says

    I just received a call from a professional tax appealer a few days ago needing more information, mls reports, etc. The appealer works on a percentage of the tax savings for your first tax bill. I didn’t know there was such a service until days ago.

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  3. Russ says

    On the subject of property taxes:

    It’s obviously better if you jingle mail or walk away prior to when taxes are due.

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