My Website Provider Just Appointed My Association’s CEO To Their Board

Congratulations to Walt Baczkowski (Metropolitan Consolidated Association of Realtor’s CEO) and Point 2 Agent (my host) for teaming up. Walt was just at our office meeting this morning letting our agents know they need to be on Facebook and Myspace, among other things.

2 hours later one of my ActiveRain friends let me know my Point2 site wasn’t working. Then a couple of agents spoke up on Twitter and said they were having issues too. Then an agent from Max Broock responded to my Facebook message about “interruptions in service”. This all took place within about 7 minutes. People are reading and following social networks.

Walt, could you please ask Point2Agent to put a recorded message on their phone when their servers are down, so that we don’t have to wait on hold to find out something that is widespread? Please? Or you could ask Point2 to Twitter us.

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