I Am Not Whining About Being Too Busy Selling Homes…

Sure, the Southeast Michigan real estate market has hit a rough patch. There are lots of homes on the market longer than the owners want them to be. But right now, Dmitry and I barely have time to eat dinner together. We are both running in different directions taking care of clients’ needs.

In the last few days we’ve:

  • Written offers on 5 different homes for qualified buyers
  • Listed a new condo for sale
  • Received news that a sale we made a while back will be ready to close at the end of the month
  • Received multiple offers on a property
  • Heard of 2 other properties with multiple offers, one in Birmingham and another in Troy
  • Been asked to talk to a couple of new sellers about marketing
  • Shown homes to a half dozen qualified buyers
  • Watched one of our listings get 5 showings in one day. Actually, I did the last showing of the day, so I did more than watch. There has been a literal parade of people going through that house this week…

During dinner Sunday evening my phone didn’t stop ringing. Questions from buyers, sellers and agents. Offers being discussed. Deals getting formulated.

No complaints here. I am happy to have the opportunity to assist our clients. My family must not have gotten the memo that the Michigan real estate market is “dead.” I really think that shift is taking place and the buyers who have been sitting on the sidelines are ready to make their move.
Creative Commons License photo credit: frotzed2


  1. says

    Wow, what a week !! I haven’t had one like that in awhile but it is true we are very busy with buyers. I do believe they are getting off the fence, now it the snow would just go away.

  2. says

    Chris the do need to hear it. I wish I had time to tell more of it! I guess someone else will have to do that while I sell houses. 😉

    Missy, busy with buyers is great. I sense a change now too.

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