Top 10 Reasons to Live in Bloomfield Village

Larry Nutson, Bloomfield Village’s manager and a long time resident, loves the village he lives in. When we asked him to tell us a few things he enjoys about Bloomfield Village, he had trouble keeping the list down to the top 10 we requested.

Bloomfield Village



  1. Lower real estate taxes than the City of Birmingham.
  2. Birmingham school district.
  3. Professionally managed Bloomfield Village Association oversees community affairs.
  4. Deed restrictions and architectural guidelines that maintain and enhance the character and harmony of homes.
  5. A community of traditional homes distinguished by the exceptional use of architectural details with appropriate scale, balance and proportion.
  6. Home settings on large lots distinguished by open lawns and the use of plantings for privacy.
  7. Bloomfield Village’s own Police provide dedicated service to the residents and Volunteer Fire Department supplementing Bloomfield Township Fire.
  8. Sidewalks.
  9. Outstanding Bloomfield Township municipal services.
  10. Convenient to and within walking distance of downtown Birmingham.

A closer look at two great Bloomfield Village homes:

284 Tilbury Road (

1000 W. Glengarry Circle (

Bloomfield Village is a special place in Metro Detroit.

Photo courtesy of Bloomfield Village Assocation


  1. […] One of the most encouraging signs we’ve seen is a return of the builders. When I was looking for a new spec home for one of the Detroit Tigers in 2008 there was very little for us to chose from. Everybody had stopped building. The few projects that remained were the last batch of spec homes we would see in this market until this year. Now the chain link construction fences are back in every neighborhood in Birmingham and we have a huge home going up down the street from us in Bloomfield Village. […]

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