Dr. Molly Got Her Own Office–Yeah for Birmingham Pediatrics!

This morning my 5 year old and I made that annual visit to the pediatrician for her back to school check up.  Katya is a healthy child, but she “freaked out” last year when Justin, the nurse, had to prick her finger to do a blood test.  Ever since she has had a deathly fear of “blood shots.”

I intentionally hadn’t much mentioned the trip to the Dr.’s office today because I did not want her to get all worked up.  But when the topic did come up as she got dressed, I showed her the pictures of Dr. Molly’s on Molly’s blog.  Looks pretty cool.  No stuffy lab coats.  No scary looking equipment.

Filled with funky bean bags, and other kid’tastic finds, Birmingham Pediatrics feels hip and comfortable.  Dr. Molly’s daughter Mairen greeted us and got Katya settled in with a fun filled activity pack that kept her occupied while I filled out papers.  Mairen suggested we might be more comfortable over in the bean bag corner.  When Katya wanted to take a look at the Kresge Farm out of Dr. Molly’s private office, Mairen took her right in and then told her that Katya would have binoculars in her exam room.  Actually, I don’t think they call ’em exam rooms and they don’t look like exam rooms.  There was no table with a roll of paper on it!

Katya had a great visit.  Tonight she told me she loves Dr. Molly and asked when she could go back.

Dr. Molly has figured it out.  Your kids will love you for taking them to see her.

You can follow Dr. Molly’s adventures on her blog

Birmingham Pediatrics and Wellness Center

Molly O’Shea, MD, PLLC
3270 West Big Beaver • Suite 400 • Troy, MI • 48084

248 816 2558


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