Stage Those Haunted Houses

This would be funny if it weren’t so true.
Well, it’s a little funny.  In an uncomfortable kind of way.
The abundance of foreclosures may put a damper on Halloween trick-or-treating this year, but it doesn’t have to.
Stage those foreclosures to sell them!
Vignette and surface staging can go a long way to warm up a property and help a potential buyer bond with the house.  It is an effective, economical alternative to full-house staging.
While most banks won’t commit to a monthly lease for rental furniture to stage the entire house, they will often give an allowance for improvements.  Real estate agents who are “in the know” designate this allowance for staging services.  A home stager can bring in accessories from their inventory to stage bathrooms, kitchen counters, fireplace mantles, etc.  We can also help with the exterior and improve curb appeal–no more haunted houses!
Foreclosures don’t have to sit on the market collecting cobwebs.  Make sure the spookiest house on the block is the one with the Halloween decorations. . .not a forgotten, neglected foreclosed property!


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