Voting Day Bonus

Before I go off on my VOTE message, let me share a little bennie I just got in my mailbox from Matt Prentice, who owns a few fine local eateries including:

Coach Insignia
Northern Lakes Seafood Company
No.VI Chop House
Tavern on 13
Deli Unique
Plaza Deli

Matt wants you to vote tomorrow too, so he is said in his email

“I want you to encourage everyone to vote. Election Day is also a reward day. Dine at any of our venues and tell your server or cashier “I Voted Today” and you’ll receive 25% off your food portion of the bill. Once again, this promotion cannot be combined with any other offer.”

Why not enjoy a little of Matt’s good food!

It really struck me yesterday how the elections that get the least coverage are the ones that directly impact me most. Say for example the Millage Restoration proposal on the Beverly Hills Ballot. As a Beverly Hills resident, I understand that this proposal will help the Village to maintain current levels of service–services that I have come to expect as a resident. If it is not passed, then the council will be looking at cutting public safety, the library, or trash removal. The property tax money that I spend in Beverly Hills comes right back to me, more so than any other tax I pay. I hope to see some social security benefit someday, but there is no guarantee that it will be there when I retire or that I will live to need it. But the Village tax pays for my snow removal, leaf removal and the public service officers who keep my family safe. It gives my family access to a world class library.

I understand that the economy is tough right now. I feel it as much as anyone. I am not anxious to pay more, but I think that preserving the services we have is important to helping us preserve our property values as a community.


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