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November Foreclosure: We are #5

From the doom and gloom we are hearing around town these days, I bet most Michiganders would be surprised to know that RealtyTrac said we were 5th in foreclosures in November.  1 in 309 Michigan homes is in foreclosure, compared to the nation’s leader, Nevada, where 1 in 76 homes is in foreclosure.

A few big banks agreed to stop foreclosing until after the new year, so the January numbers could bounce significantly, especially with all of the recent layoffs across the country.

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  1. thank you for posting, detroit seems to be going to continue this depression they are in

  2. I wish this chart was represented as a percentage of homes. As you mentioned the difference between Nevada and Michigan. I mean California is naturally going to lead the total because they have a population of 30 million people compared to 10 million or so in Michigan.

  3. Very good point, Bugsy. Thanks for stopping by.

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