Blog Makeover Needed

The Real Estate Tomato and Inman are having a contest and awarding a blog makeover. miOaklandCounty needs the help! Here is our entry. Stay tuned to the very end for a very special guest appearance from a loyal supporter of Detroit and this blog.


  1. says

    Maureen deserves to win. Her blog is really crappy! Wait, I didn’t mean it the way it sounded. What I meant to say is that she needs help real bad. That doesn’t sound right either. Well, you know what I mean. Just give her the win man.

  2. says

    YES, needs a makeover and you have my vote.
    Now, please share how you got Kid Rock into your corner.
    Enquirer-ing minds want to know:-)

    Where do I go to stuff the ballot box?

  3. Kristy Dunnigan says

    Maureen – this rocks! I love your blog – don’t change a thing! If you go too high tech – the rest of us will be lost!

  4. says


    Maybe Kid Rock aspires to be a Realtor? Did not know people other than Realtors follow real estate blogs….

    Now, where do I go to vote for this fabulous blog???

  5. says

    Well done Maureen! See, those broker classes and SocNet connections are all coming together for you….I mean you got @tboard for an endorsement!

    Now, this Kid Rock guy in the funny hat….umm, is he an aspiring agent in your area that might want to drop in on a SEMIRE tweetup? Seems like he and @davesacre might get along pretty well, but we gotta work on that image! 😉

    Kudos Maureen!

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