Is Home Staging “Out” for 2009?

Realty Times recently published an article titled “What’s In, What’s Out With Home Buyers in 2009?” . Author Mark Nash gives a rundown of how the real estate market may look this year and what he feels buyers are looking for.

While Mr. Nash makes some very valid observations, I must take issue with a few points that he makes, namely #5 on the “Out” list.

Mr. Nash states that home staging, “an over-used low cost marketing band-aid for vacant or occupied homes” is out. The only thing I agree with in that statement is “low cost”, which is certainly true compared to a price reduction. He goes on to say “Buyers have said enough of the non-professional usage of assorted leftover props placed around a for-sale home to make it supposedly homey. Buyers say, market it as it is and clear out the tired silk flowers and stale potpourri.” I will agree that there are less-than-fabulous attempts at staging out there, but professional home staging is proven to reduce DOM. Can any marketing tool that works truly be “out”?

Another point that frightens me in this article is the notion that “Obama-era paint colors” will be in vogue. Trust me, the “bright optimistic blues and radiant golds” that are mentioned will not help sell a house. Neutral is “in”, no matter who resides in the White House.

2009 should prove to be an interesting year for real estate, and many predictions in this article may be on-point. Let the professionals in your particular market advise you, as they know the real “ins and outs”.


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    I definitely think its in. I have been buying furniture at cheap prices to stage homes. Take advantage of the market. listings show better and sell faster.

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