I Want A Deal!

Deal or No DealThis morning I showed a new listing in Huntington Woods.  The cars were lined up as I left, with two other agents bringing through buyers.  I had passed another broker and her clients on my way in.  On this freezing cold Metro Detroit morning, that house is looking relatively hot.

Sure, it has great curb appeal.  That does not hurt in the least.  The pictures (yes the agent used more than one) show that the house is dated, but on paper it looks like a lot of house for the money.

No telling what will happen next, but there is a little take away here for you Southeast Michigan home sellers:

  1. There are buyers out there.  They have money.  They want to spend it and get a new house.
  2. Curb appeal rocks.
  3. A really good price out of the gate is sooooooooooo much better than the agony of endless price reductions as you try to “catch down” with the market.
  4. Yes, Virginia, it is January.  People buy houses year round, not just in the spring and summer.
  5. Those buyers are out looking for a deal.  Do you have one for them?

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    I just spent a day showing homes like the one you described. It is most certainly feast or famine in our San Diego market. Multiple offers or multiple months on the market — and the difference is that unique combination of price and condition. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  2. says

    It’s also true here in Denver. Pricing a home according to existing comparable is the way to not only have showings but get it sold. So many homes have not taken that advice and are sitting on the market.

    Good luck in your endeavors! Hope you get the right home for your buyers.

    Kristal Kraft’s last blog post..Denver’s Stock Show

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