Marianne Sweet Brings Home The Magnificent Seven!

2236484060_696938eaf8_mEvery year, Washington State real estate and mortgage blogger, Larry Cragun publishes The Magnificent Seven, an award he gives to some of the best real estate blog posts he has read over the previous year. Larry plows through thousands of posts over the course of a year to cull his list down. A daunting task, by any measure.

I am so excited to see Marianne Sweet’s post as a final winner. Check out all the winners on Real Estate Undressed.

Thanks for all your great posts, Marianne! Of course, your work as a stager is what I appreciate most of all.


  1. says

    Hello Maureen!
    I linked into your blog from Cragun’s page, and I noticed that there was a serious lack of comments on your front page. I just wanted to encourage you to keep up the good work. From what I’ve seen you’ve got some great content and a very readable site. Don’t be discouraged, you ‘won’ at least one new reader today!

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