Stage Rooms for Their Intended Purpose When Selling a House

When potential buyers view a house for sale, they need to see rooms presented as they were intended.  The master bedroom shouldn’t be an exercise room, the bathroom shouldn’t be a pet station, the garage shouldn’t be a storage unit, and unless you have more than 3 bedrooms, resist the urge to make one an office.

This is especially important when it comes to dining areas.  People want to see where they will gather for meals and entertain their loved ones.

I recently staged a 900 sq. ft. house for a client who was using her dining room as office space.  As you can see (amongst the considerable clutter), a desk definitely does not belong there.  Aside from being the wrong use of the space, it was also the first thing visitors saw when they came in the front door … NOT a good first impression. 

Dining Room Before

After completely clearing out the area , I moved the table and chairs that were overwhelming the small kitchen and created a proper dining room.

Dining Room After

Visitors can now see that there is room for a full size table and 4 chairs at the very least.  Showing a dedicated dining room, the intended purpose for this space, adds value to this petite house and answers an important question for the buyer.


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    That’s a great topic Maureen. All summer I’ve seen homes that don’t understand the concept and end up confusing buyers. It’s not that buyers don’t understand the concept of a different use but a desk in the dining room, for example, may highlight that the home is short on space and after they leave they may forget that a dedicated dining space even existed in that house.

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