Carnival of Real Estate Labor Day Edition

Happy Labor Day

Here it is very early in the  morning on Labor Day 2009.  I have been up for a couple of hours reading entries to this week’s carnival of real estate, and I am doing my best to be really happy about that!  But then, we all know that Realtors rarely take a day off.

Since Labor Day is the “workers” holiday, it is fitting that the posts that I have selected from this week’s 25+ carnival submissions are posts that were written “for the people,” not just for industry insiders.  This is my third time hosting the CORE and I have to say the submissions have changed considerably over the last three years.  There were quite a few “sploggy” entries, and I saw a LOT of Google adwords ads this morning as I visited the entries.

Without further ado, I give you the two runners up:

Here in Metro Detroit, we see lots of first time buyers out there in the market. Hopefully by now they all know that time is running short to qualify for the $8k first time buyers tax credit. For those still on the fence, Alison Paoli presents $8,000 First-time Homebuyer Tax Credit Ends Soon — Better Get Moving! posted at Zillow Blog – Real Estate Market Stats, Celebrity Real Estate, and Zillow News.

I also liked When Saying Goodbye to $1030 is a Good Idea posted at My Dollar Plan. Madison is a consumer who extols the value of the home inspection. She feels her investment of $1,030 in a house she does not own was well worth it. Madison bought the house after renegotiating with the seller to get some inspection issues resolved prior to her purchase. Of course, Madison’s tale could have had many other endings.

This week’s winner of the Carnival of Real Estate is Heidi Tiefenthaler who submitted The New Lending Regulations or The Boy Who Cried HERA posted at Central Station – The Hub for Real Estate News. I had a closing that was scheduled for last Friday that had to be rescheduled for next Thursday because of a lender’s conservative interpretation of these new lending regulations. It is causing major inconvenience for the buyer, as well as significant expense. Buyers and sellers need to be very aware of the potential impact of this legislation and plan accordingly. Simultaneous closings may become riskier to schedule, amongst other considerations.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who submitted entries.

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    Hello! I recently put an offer in on our dream home (my fiancee and I), and there were three other competing bids.

    We won because I personally wrote a handwritten letter to the owners detailing how much we loved their home, and how we could see ourselves there for a long time. Honestly, their home is exactly what we have been looking for, and we looked at 19 other houses!!!

    Just a little tip for those of you out there looking for your dream homes. Check out my blog sometime. Thanks!

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