Compliment from the mail bag!

I support complimentsAnother agent just made my day with this email:

Hello. A client of mine had requested to see this property, but I noticed it’s pending. I was looking at the listing and felt it necessary to compliment you on your photos. You did a fantastic job with all of the photos-they look wonderful. So many people are negative in this market, and with all the boo-hoo, I thought I’d pay you a compliment when due. Great job on the photos and the sale. Please let me know if the deal falls apart for whatever reason, as I’d love to show the house.

The house he is talking about sold in a week with multiple offers. I am happy.

photo by lexnger


  1. says

    That’s why you’re so successful as a Realtor–you know what it takes to get the house sold. Since the majority of buyers start their search on the internet, good photos (after staging, of course!) are crucial. How nice that the agent took time to compliment your efforts!

  2. says

    I’m not a realtor personally, but being a local business owner myself I can certainly attest to the fact that comments of unnoticed work are rare (and welcomed!). You know you’ve done a good job when someone takes the time to respond like this person did to you. Good job!

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