Home Staging Consultation Provides Big Bang For Your Buck

After owning a Home Staging business for over 5 years, I think I have heard every possible objection to hiring a Stager, from “I know what needs to be done” to “I don’t want someone touching my stuff”.  The biggest objection by far, however, is the cost.  In this economy, people just don’t have a lot of money to sink into their property.

But did you know that it is possible to get a Home Stager’s expertise without a huge price tag?

The Home Staging Consultation is a great, low-cost alternative to a full-house staging.  The Home Stager will tour the property inside and out, and provide a comprehensive room-by-room list of recommendations for the homeowner to Stage their own house.  This to-do list follows proven guidelines to make the house show it’s best and hasten it’s sale.  It will include what to keep and what to store, furniture and art placement, color recommendations and suggestions to pump up the curb appeal, among other things.

Photo courtesy of blogspot.com

Photo courtesy of blogspot.com

The consultation usually runs around $200 (depending on the Stager and square footage) and most Stagers will include a follow-up visit to check progress and fine-tune the results.  This service is invaluable to those getting ready to sell their properties and are able to do the work but don’t know where to start.  For the house that has been on the market but hasn’t received an offer, a consultation can pinpoint the reasons why the house hasn’t sold and give remedies.

If the homeowner runs out of time and energy and can’t get the work done, the Stager will gladly come back to complete the Staging and add the final “Wow” factor to the property.  Good Stagers also have an arsenal of reliable contractors (painters, handymen, landscapers, etc.) that they can refer to get trickier jobs done.  We also know which storage unit facilities will give the best deal if you need to store  extra belongings while the house is on the market.

Hiring a Stager for a consultation is a great investment in the sale of the house.  We know what needs to be done and will tell it like it is.  A note to agents … add a Staging consultation to your marketing plan.  We’ll make sure the house is ready to show, and we’ll be the “bad guy”, so you don’t have to!  We don’t mind.


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