Home Staging Ranks #2 in HomeGain’s Top 12 Home Improvements for Sellers

Most Home Stagers agree, however, that Staging encompasses all 12 of these improvement projects, as a good Stager will advise if, and to what extent, these improvements should be undertaken to increase the marketability of the property.

HomeGain's Top 12 Home Improvements for Sellers

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I have already had an agent ask if $300 for Home Staging is realistic.  The answer is yes, a $300 Home Staging can make a major improvement in the way an occupied house shows.   Call a Home Stager for more details.


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    I am wondering if it is still worth putting money into a home for sale with the depressed real estate market we are in?

    It seems to me like it might be better to just try and sell your house “as is”.

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    Homes that show well and are priced correctly are selling, even in this market.

    So sure, you can sell “as is” … if you want to take a price cut and pay carrying costs for all the months your property is languishing on the market.

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    Hi Marianne,

    The reason i was asking is because the town I live in (pop. 25,000) has 400 houses for sale right now and people i have talked to said the prices are way down from a few years ago.

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    In order for your property to stand out from the other 400 for sale in your town, it needs to show its best to help the buyer “bond” with your home. That’s what home staging can do for you. Good luck!

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