“Price Gets You Interest, Staging Gets You Offers”

Gary Keller, one of the country’s top brokers and author of best-selling book “Shift:  How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times” was on ABC’s “Good Morning America” last week.   Mr. Keller gave his opinion on how to increase your chances of selling in this market.

Selling Your House in a Down Real Estate Market

Tip #2?  Stage it! Condition and presentation still matter, even if the listing price is low.  “Price gets you interest, Staging gets you offers.”  Mr. Keller is a wise man!

No one that I have spoken to, however, agrees with Tip #5 which is “Be there.  No one can answer questions about the schools and neighborhood like the seller.”    Most feel that having homeowners present makes for an uncomfortable visit.


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    Although I would have to agree that having the seller present during a showing can, at times, be uncomfortable for the prospective buyer, It does stand to reason that the seller should be available to answer questions if the process has gone beyond casual investigation.
    Perhaps the agent should ask “Do you have any questions for the seller” during their first visit, giving the opportunity to get those ever-important questions answered without the discomfort of “invading” someones space.

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