Time to update our headshots!

Love this post from The Onion, simply because it is hilarious. With a title like I Wasn’t Going To Buy This House Until I Saw The Realtor’s Headshot On The Sign, how could it not have some delicious morsels to offer up?

I’ve never understood lots of things about the way we Realtors market ourselves, and, apparently, lots of consumers don’t either.

    Photos on our business cards?
    Headshots on yard signs?
    Faces on grocery carts?

I don’t get it, but the way the guy at the Onion says it is a lot funnier!

Do I need to make our picture on the blog a little bigger?

photo courtesy of Never Was an Arrow II


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    Ah, head shots. I debated that one a long time before I went with it. But I have a giant head so on the sign it’s actually about three quarter life sized. And I have Doberman Pinschers so the pet shot wasn’t going to work unless I also sold home security systems. But in my defense, I wore a shirt out of my closet and I made my photographer promise to not take 10 years and 20 pounds off of me. She could clean up lighting errors but could not change my appearance. And it ended up like this:

    .-= Valerie Crowell´s last blog ..You look so angry as I crawled across your floor =-.

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    Bringing up VB and CJ in this context is what one might call a “Red Herring.”Being Sweedish and all, I am sure you know what a “red hnerirg” is…You took the offense and demanded that everyone PROVE TO YOU their point of view. I let you off the hook by giving you a pass on proving a negative. I thought I was being polite but, no, you now feel the need to school me…I would now like you to PROVE TO ME through published documents that Russia IS NOT supplying Iran with nuclear technology.Pour another cup Sweede and ponder that… PROVE TO ME that this is not taking place in the face of media reports of all stripes that it is.I bet you never did google any of my suggestions.Intelligent debate; your definition of intelligent debate is to prove nothing and DEMAND that the other side prove their point of view to you, always subject to YOUR interpretation.I feel sorry for you. When the big boom comes I just hope you and your loved ones are not downwind…Gotta go now. I have the rest of my life to live.

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