Home Staging is NOT About Hiding Flaws

I recently did a Home Staging Consultation for a homeowner who had already purchased a new home … on MY block, as it turns out. Small world!

As he diligently worked his way through his “to-do” list, he discovered an issue and called me for advice. While de-cluttering and rearranging his office, he realized that his task chair had left deep indentations in the carpet.

The original advice to him during the Consultation had been to replace the worn and dated blue carpet, which he declined to do, but I reiterated that solution. The suggestions to use a commercial-grade steam cleaner or the “ice cube trick” to raise the fibers were met with a lukewarm response. What he really wanted to know was “Can we just put an area rug over it?”.

As Home Staging is about accenting the home’s attributes and NOT about hiding the flaws, the answer is clear. While it is tempting (and easier) to cover a carpet issue with a rug or strategically place artwork over a hole in the wall, it is against a good Stager’s code of ethics.

Buyers should not discover any surprises when they get the keys and walk through their new home for the first time. Sellers should fix the flaw or expose it so the client knows what they are buying.


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