Top 5 Reasons Every Home Buyer Needs Their Own Agent

After financing homes for over 20 years I am still surprised when one of my borrowers says they want to buy a home using the Listing agent of the property. I ask them why, and the answer is always the same; “We’re going to be able to buy the house for less because the seller only has to pay the one commission.” For all you home buyers out there – this is not true!

When Real Estate is listed for sale the listing contract calls for the seller to pay a set commission to the Realtor’s involved in the transaction regardless of whether that is one real estate agent or two. This means the seller has to pay the same real estate commission whether the property is sold directly through the listing agent or through a buyer’s agent.

As a home buyer you need to have your own representation – an agent specifically working on your behalf. Here are the top 5 reasons to have your own agent:

1) A professional working specifically in your interest and on your behalf to help you find the right home at the right price.

2) The Buyer’s Agent‘s fiduciary responsibility (their loyalty) is to his/her client (you). The Listing Agent has already signed a contract to represent the seller and their first loyalty is to the seller. How can they represent the seller and you at the same time and still get you the best price on the home?

3) A stronger negotiating position and better contract protection for you. You have a separate agent negotiating the price on your behalf with the seller. You also get an independent purchase agreement contract drawn up by your agent to protect you. Plus, your agent holds the earnest money deposit as opposed to the listing agent controlling your money.

4) More candid comparable sales and market transparency. You have your own agent showing you recent sales of similar homes so you can determine the correct offer price.

5) Having your own agent comes at no additional cost to you! The seller has to pay the real estate commission on the sale of real estate so it is costing the buyer nothing to retain the services of a professional realtor.

The bottom line is that it is foolish to not utilize the services of a trained professional Realtor to help you unlock the door to your new home. As a buyer, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So, if you’re in the market to buy a house the first step should be to find the right Realtor to work with!

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