Birmingham’s Pleasant Street in Transformation

Apparently living on Pleasant Street in Birmingham is really…pleasant. Forgive my bad pun.

Aside from the patriotic American flags that residents proudly display on power polls lining the block between Lincoln and Woodward, there seems to be a building boom underway on Pleasant. Today I counted three new homes going up, two more with construction fencing and a 6th sporting the signs of Kevin Hart, a prominent local architect, indications that a major renovation could be in the works.

Why Pleasant? The primary reason is it offers some of Birmingham’s largest lots. Many are over an acre, allowing homes up to 8,000 square feet to still have sizable yards to enjoy. We’ve seen skating rinks out front, pools in the back, lovely covered porches and even a putting green gracing yards on Pleasant Street.

Turkia Mullin’s sister recently sold this beautiful home on Pleasant.

The return of the builders to Birmingham certainly is not limited to Pleasant Street. It is exciting to see new homes going up in Quarton Lake Estates, Little San Francisco and in town, as builders and buyers have restored confidence in the housing market that is underscored by all that Birmingham has to offer.


  1. says

    Hi Maureen – that sounds amazing with such large lots and to see skating rinks out front too would be awesome. 8000 square feet is a large home, and great outdoor space too!

  2. Heiden R. says

    Hey Maureen, this is a very interesting post. Thank you so much for your very elaborate and complete description. You make me imagine the place as I am reading that’s why I should say you are really good in describing the place.

    I wish to hear much from you…


    Heiden R.


  1. […] The builders are coming back and invariably the shiny new construction property is more desirable than a resale home. While I don’t think that builders are likely to again flood the local market any time soon, as one might say they did immediately prior to 2008, there plenty of proof that housing starts are up again and a number of strong builders are seizing on the opportunities presented to them in today’s market. […]

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