Birmingham Estates House WANTED

Birmingham Estate Map

Last week Dmitry and I worked on a mailing to 143 homeowners in a quiet triangular corner of Birmingham that most people never pass through in spite of its close proximity to downtown and location right off of Maple Road.

Heavily treed railroad tracks dissect Birmingham Estates from flowing straight through to the Pembroke Park neighborhood, which shares England inspired street names: Dorchester, Yorkshire and Buckingham, and adds in a few of it’s own with Rugby and Cambridge. Birmingham Estates homes are generally larger and more expensive, more in keeping with homes in the Poppleton Park neighborhood that lies just across Adams.

We mailed the homeowners because we are working with a lovely young family who would like to raise their children in Birmingham Estates. I spoke to some current Birmingham Estates homeowners today, and one was quick to point out how quiet the streets are. With little ones its nice not to have to worry about heavy traffic and cars rushing through. Sidewalks for bikes and pedestrians give peace of mind. How wonderful to be able to walk and bike to town to take advantage of Shain Park, Baldwin Public Library, Booth Park and the Birmingham Farmer’s Market as well as all of the great Birmingham shops and restaurants.

Recently built Harlan Elementary lies just down Adams and the middle school, Derby, is just a few short blocks from home.

If you are a Birmingham Estates home owner and you would consider moving, please give Maureen a call at 248-430-4450!


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