Troy High Area Home Needed

As I said in an earlier post, I get emails daily from agents who are looking for homes for their clients. I am posting some of these. If you are a seller and your home is not on the market with an agent, drop me a note, or give me a call.

Here is the latest message:

I have a wonderful buyer family who is solid and we need the Troy High attendance area…2700+ sq ft with finished basement would be great. They like many neighborhoods, and simply wish for a more architecturally/structures being homogeneous neighborhood not one where there are several decades between years built of the homes, and they don’t want to back to a parking lot nor have loud road noise…Call your clients in Troy…my people are renting a townhome in Somerset so could wait for your people to shop for a downsize or figure out where they’re going to move for their retirement. Just need to own it in time for registering for new school year, ideally. 4 bedrooms would be ideal, however, if basement finished, could possibly make a 3 bedroom work. Talmer Bank conventional solid pre-approval and ready to go…


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    I enjoyed very much your articles on homestaging. I love doing this, and am glad to see so many others enjoy it, too. Keep up the good work that you do.

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    Hi Maureen, nice blog shared above. Great for sellers who want to sell their houses. Thanks for sharing such an wonderful post.

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